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7th season coming soon

Opening hours



【Directions for vehicles】
From Kansai area: About 55km through Tomei Expressway, Numazu IC (interchange) – Izu-Jukan Expressway, Izu Chuo Expressway, Shuzenji
From Kanto area: About 85 km through Tomei Expressway, Atsugi IC (interchange) – National Route 135

【Directions for coming by train】
◆Use the Tokaido Shinkansen/Tokaido Main Line
From Atami Station to Ito Station on the Ito Line, and then from Ito Station to Izu-Kogen station on the Izu Kyuko Line
About 10 minutes by Tokai bus from Izu-Kogen station
About 10 minutes by taxi from Izu-Kogen station
※ Please be aware that the number of buses may change depending on the season.

Number of parking lot spaces

~1,000 spaces (parking is free at night)


  • The activities and hours of the park are subject to change depending on the weather, etc.
  • If you purchased a Granillumi entrance ticket, please wait in front of the entrance gate until Granillumi opens.
  • The final reception time for attractions may change due to congestion, so please take part in them as soon as possible.
  • Attractions may close without prior notice due to weather or congestion.
  • Some areas in the park are sloped or uneven.
  • Please watch your step closely if you are wearing sandals, high heels, etc.
  • Please do not cross fences or enter areas where the illuminations light up.
  • Please be careful that you do not bother other visitors when using tripods, selfie sticks, etc. for photography.
  • Smoking should be done in the smoking area, even if you have a portable ashtray.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any trouble, accidents, thefts, losses, or injuries that occur in the park.
  • The senior discount does not apply to Granillumi.
  • Inexpensive advance tickets for Granillumi are sold at convenience stores and affiliated institutions. Please purchase them in advance.
  • Discount entrance tickets for the Izu Granpal Amusement Park cannot be used for Granillumi. Please use a Granillumi-specific discount ticket or purchase an advance ticket.
  • Discount tickets cannot be used together with other forms of discount.
  • The night attractions are closed irregularly. Business days and business hours vary for each attraction, so please contact us for details. (Izu Granpal Amusement Park telephone: 0557-51-1122)

※ The details above may change without prior notice.

  • You may not lead pets around the park or carry them with your arms. Please use a carrier or cart intended for pets.
  • Guide dogs
  • Hearing assistance dogs
  • Service dogs are allowed to enter the park. (Please be sure to use a carrier or leash from within a cart.) ※ Stretchable leashes cannot be used.
  • A special cart can be borrowed next to the park reception area. (Paid/limited quantity)
  • Granillumi has electrical wiring stretched all around to support the high density of illuminations. For that reason, please keep your pet in its special carrier or cart at all times, including for photography. (It is allowed only in the dog park.)
  • People using the dog park or eating may use the terrace seats of the Grantei restaurant. At that time, you may use a leash. Please take dirty dog clean-up sheets home.
  • Customers who do not follow the instructions of staff or who do not abide by these important points or the park’s rules and manners will be asked to leave. We cannot refund the entrance fee in that situation.
  • Pets who have not been vaccinated with the rabies vaccine, combination vaccines, etc., and pets who have contagious illnesses are not allowed to enter the park.
  • Please be aware that you cannot entrust pets to staff or leave them in the park.
  • We cannot take responsibility for trouble between visitors, pets causing injuries or damage to other visitors, or accidents.
  • If visitors breach park manners, we will be forced to forbid accompaniment by pets. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

■ Notation regarding animal handling business
registration number No. 225318017
Establishment name Izu Granparu Park
Animal handling manager Nobuaki Terabayashi