# Dino Age Kart

A new attraction that runs through the area where dinosaurs live is go-kart!
About 20 species of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus,Triceratops, and 12-meter-long Tyrannosaurus are nearby!
※ There are age limits!

Experiences you won’t find anywhere else


Show Time

Illuminations dance in time with music in the Light and Sound Show. In the Full Color Laser Show, enter a magical world of throbbing, aurora-like colors. Visuals on a massive 60m long display interplay with music for the the Grand Vision Show.
*3 locations, held at 10 minute intervals

Zip line


Take a 400m roundtrip glide above illuminations on the “glittering rail.” You, too, can become a 〜meteor〜 when you experience this zip line in our 4th season. Enter a thrilling world of colors.
*Smartphone video shooting tool on loan

Pirate restaurant


You can enjoy your meal while watching the glittering illuminations in this atmospheric restaurant. There is a cute kids’ menu and you won’t be able to help wanting to order from the speciality menu for your special night.
*Includes a pirate photo spot

Information on business days and business hours

2021.11.13 OPEN!

The pirate restaurant

Check out our pirate themed restuarant, easily enjoyable take-out restaurant, and the special illumination goods that can only be found at the Clipper Gift Shop.

Three-dimensional pirate ship maze


Japan’s first giant three-dimensional maze modeled after a ship. Navigate left and right surrounded by the light of the illuminations. Clear various hurdles and gather the six sailors, including the mate, the swordsman, and the ship doctor!

Night Balloons

〜Bubbly Night〜

Very popular water balloons. The night lights up in a romantic atmosphere!

Love Power Spot

Lovers’ Shrine

Come to the Lovers’ Shrine if the two of you are close. The glittering pink shrine archway can be seen only here. Get a heart padlock from the capsule dispensing machine and make a wish upon it.

Introduction to each season of Granillumi

An introduction to the 1st,2nd,3rd… and now 7th season of Granillumi.

On 2015/11/13, Granillumi opened as a special project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the park’s opening.

Access · Inquiries

Izu Granpal Amusement Park

〒413-0231 Shizuoka-ken Ito-shi Futo 1090


Directions (by vehicle or train)

Directions for vehicles

From Kansai area: About 55km through Tomei Expressway, Numazu IC (interchange) – Izu-Jukan Expressway, Izu Chuo Expressway, Shuzenji

From Kanto area: About 85 km through Tomei Expressway, Atsugi IC (interchange) – National Route 135

Directions for coming by train

◆ Use the Tokaido Shinkansen/Tokaido Main Line

From Atami Station to Ito Station on the Ito Line, and then from Ito Station to Izu-Kogen station on the Izu Kyuko Line

About 10 minutes by Tokai bus from Izu-Kogen station

About 10 minutes by taxi from Izu-Kogen station

※ Please be aware that the number of buses may change depending on the season.