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7th season


5th season


◆5th season TV commercial

Have a blast in Izu Kogen after dark!
Don’t just look at illuminations, seize the night!! GRANILLUMI.

◆2020「Night Puru Puru」

The illuminated “Puru Puru” (a massive water play zone) creates a romantic atmosphere that is totally different from daytime.

◆As a weekday-only special, we now offer a premium park rental plan.

You can now rent the entire park for an exclusive experience of Japan’s No. 1 illumination event.

4th season


◆4th commercial

◆ Opening event

◆ Photo contest

3rd season



◆3rd commercial

〜 Further evolution! 〜
Hands-on illumination event Granillumi

◆Opening event

2017/11/11 (Saturday)
Illuminations and fireworks event

◆ Performance de Illumi

2018/7/22 (Sunday) to 2018/8/11 (Saturday)
Summer event! Performers gathered for the weekends only.

2nd season



◆2nd commercial

〜 The season for Granillumi has come again 〜 Hands-on illumination event Granillumi

◆ Opening event

2016/11/12 (Saturday)
A special live event was held by Granillumi’s appointed good will ambassadors, the LED mask unit CTS.

◆ Fullmoon Illumi

2017/7/9 (Sunday)
Granillumi and Fullmoon Rave collaborated for a one-night light and music party, “Fullmoon Illumi.”

◆ Wobbly Night

July 15th, 2017 (Saturday) to late August
The limited time event “nighttime water play zone, wobbly night” opened!

1st season



◆1st commercial

〜This winter, the nights of Izu will start to shine〜 Japan’s first hands-on illumination event Granillumi

◆Opening event

2015/11/13 (Friday)
The 2015−2016 nationwide winter illumination support ambassadors SOLIDEMO held a special live event playing their new tie-up song “As You Are,” etc.


2016/2/14 (Sunday) to 2016/3/31 (Thursday)
Granillumi held a Valentine’s and White Day event for couples in collaboration with CTS and COUPLES.

◆Dramatic Granillumi!

2016/4/3 (Sunday)
DDT Pro-Wrestling and Izu Shaboten Park Group collaborated to hold a pro-wrestling event on a specially built stage.